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Woodchester Infiniti

INFINITI Prototype 10 Concept in Mississauga, Ontario

Prototype 10 concept vehicle - Woodchester Infiniti

INFINITI Prototype 10 Concept vehicle in Woodchester Infiniti

Wondering what INFINITI prototype vehicles will look like? Well, our dealership is the leading INFINITI dealership in Mississauga, Ontario. We serve George, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas. We also have a wide range of new and used INFINITI Cars. Keep reading to learn more about prototype ten concepts.

Overview of INFINITI Future and Concept Vehicles

The prototype ten concepts come with modern design features such as thin headlights and excellent speedsters. Let's take a look at the future design of these cars.


The design of the drivetrain indicates that INFINITI vehicles will run on electricity. The good thing about electrification is that it offers a new layout and design ideas for these cars.

It also accommodates electric cars and batteries while using smaller gasoline engines. However, what's important are the vents and ducts that aid the electric powertrains. For instance, the vent in the passenger seat space helps improve battery cooling.


The prototype 10 INFINITI has an uncluttered and small cockpit since there isn't much going on there. There is a steering wheel for races, accelerator, brake pedals, driver's seat, and a harness with four points.

Moreover, the steering wheel has a lower flat section with grips for your hands. However, the wheel doesn't have gear switches because the design is for an electric vehicle. There are also hip, and side bolsters to enhance the comfort levels of your seat.


The rear fascia is bulky with no taillights. However, you can use the thin horizontal line that extends the concept's width as your taillights. Moving down below, you will see a cut bumper in the back and INFINITI lettering.

Its side profile has a triangular fin that exposes the short overhangs, open cockpit, and the car's long body. At the front, the INFINITI prototype vehicles have thin headlamps with no front grille. However, they have a huge chin spoiler and air intakes.

2020 Style and Technology Available in the Prototypes 10 Concept

The prototype 10 speedster comes with thin headlights and a front fascia. Here are other excellent features of these cars:

Impressive Acceleration

Prototype 10 inspires the design of new electric cars. Thus, its electrified powertrain can deliver 100% torque, which allows these vehicles to utilize the low emission technology.


The car's design has modern shapes and clear lines. These features blend well to accentuate the concept's design making the prototype 10 a luxurious car.


INFINITI concept vehicles are faster with a cockpit that's perfect for races. Moreover, its one seat design focuses on the driver to empower you while driving.

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