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Glen Peacock, General Manager

Language Spoken: English

Glen has been at Woodchester Infiniti since 2010, and in that time we have grown in sales and in customer satisfaction. Glen has been in the Automotive Industry since 1986. 

"We have assembled a great management and sales team that is hands on in looking after the customer. Our policy for every guest is warm smiles and friendly services. Our staff truly cares about all your vehicle needs making your visit comfortable and memorable. I invite you to come into our sales or service department and experience Infiniti the Woodchester way." 

Peter Liguori, Sales Manager
905.820.4545 x2504

Language Spoken: English

Peter has been in the Automotive Industry for 10 years and has worked at Woodchester Infiniti for 7 of those years. Peter enjoys watching Formula 1 Racing and has been to Montreal, Austin and Indianapolis for the Canadian and American Grand Prix. Along with going to F1 races, Peter enjoys travelling across Europe. In the Winter he enjoys snowboarding while in the Summer he enjoys riding his Motorcycle. His favourite Infiniti is the Q60 Coupe. He recommends this car due to its style, performance, and power. He recommends Infiniti as a brand because of the performance and luxury in every vehicle. Peter looks forwarding to meeting you and helping you find the Infiniti that best suits your needs.

Frank Kovacic, Service Manager

Nik O'dell-Reinhardt, Parts Manager

Nik has been in the Automotive Industry for 11 years. All of his 11 years have been spent in the Japanese Automotive Market for brands such as Honda and Acura before recently joining Woodchester Infiniti 6 months ago. Nik's passion lays in the Automotive

Donie Fogarty, Customer Experience Manager
905.820.4545 x2324



Evan Xu,

Language Spoken: English, Mandarin

Evan has dedicated himself to Sales Industry for 9 years. He enjoys making friends and has a passion for travelling and taking care of his family. 

His favourite Infiniti is the QX80. He sells and drives Infiniti because they are elegant, reliable and powerful. 

Evan welcomes every guest to come visit him as he will provide the right solutions to serve each and every client's best interest.

Sid Janakiram, Sales Executive
905.820.4545 x2495

Language Spoken: English

Sid has been in the Automotive Industry for 20 years and at Woodchester for 11 of those years. Sid has a passion for travelling having been to places in Europe, India, the Far East, and the Middle East. Sid also enjoys watching various types of sports and racing. His favourite Infiniti is the Q70. He recommends Infiniti to you because they are reliable, have good handling, great performance, great appearance and great fuel efficiency. Sid invites you to come visit him as he hopes to find you the right car for the right price.

Agha Yarkhan, Sales Executive
905.820.4545 x2499

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Punjabi

Agha has been in the Automotive Industry since 2009 and has spent these 7 years all with Infiniti. Agha loves playing sports in his free time, he is a former Squash division champion and also plays Tennis. Agha is constantly involved in the community and is very family oriented. He also likes travelling with his family and enjoying new experiences such as trying new foods. His favourite Infinitis are the Q70 and the QX80. He recommends Infiniti as they have the best family cars, whether it's a truck or a luxurious sedan. Agha invites you to come down and visit him at Woodchester Infiniti as he hopes to find you the right deal.

Ankur Rastogi, Lease renewal manager
905 820 4545 x2502


Parts & Service

Ramnjanc, Service Advisor

Adam Platt, Technician

Rodrigo Chicas, Apprentice

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Ken Bujeya, Customer Service Associate
905.820.4545 x2493

Ken has been in the Automotive Industry for 40 years. He is a licensed technician and has been at Woodchester for 9 years now. Ken loves to cook and when he is at home he is always in the kitchen with his wife cooking up new meals. Ken also enjoys watc

Manny Aguilera, Shuttle Driver

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

5 years experience in the Automotive Industry.

Scott Hofinger, Parts Consultant

Scott has been in the Automotive Industry for 11 years and been at Woodchester for 5 of those years. Scott enjoys sports and has an active lifestyle. He enjoys watching Basketball and Hockey. He also likes to go Hiking and Camping in the Summer while s

Paul Wrobel, Certified Master Technician

Languages Spoken: English, Polish

Master Technician with over 15 years experience.

George Yeboah, Detailer

In the Automotive Industry detailing cars since 1992.



Agnes Valadao, Receptionist

Languages Spoken: Polish

All the staff