When looking for a luxury automobile, the INFINITI brand is the only place to shop. The Japanese automaker established its presence in North America in the late 1980s. Many markets offer the latest of the INFINITI lineup. What's great is that INFINITI is transitioning its upcoming lineup to feature both hybrid and electrical automobiles. If the presence of the latest QX60 crossover and the updated Q30 compact, INFINITI offers many options to reach as many consumers as possible, allowing anyone to enjoy the smoothness and attractiveness that our lineup offers.

Today, we've made it possible for anyone to view any of the new and used inventory at Woodchester INFINITI, an authorized INFINITI dealership. As the preferred INFINITI dealership in Mississauga, Ontario, we invite you to experience our certified lineup and drive off the lot today. We also serve the communities of Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, George Town, and surrounding areas. Therefore, seek preapproval by completing the online financing application available for processing right now through one of our INFINITI Financial Services programs.

As an INFINITI owner, you will be privy to the exceptional excursions that only INFINITI provides. Woodchester INFINITI dealership takes your automobile ownership seriously, and we will ensure that your INFINITI adequately is maintained throughout a lifetime. We cover all INFINITIs from hood to trunk. Our service team will explain the care process we give to your luxury vehicle through our service and maintenance programs. For example, our trained technicians only use approved INFINITI parts. So, if your car needs brakes, batteries, mufflers, or body repairs, our maintenance representatives commit every day to infuse the love and care required to keep your vehicle running like new. Our Mississauga authorized INFINITI dealership offers our Canada-wide limited replacement parts warranty with our Genuine INFINITI Parts. No worries, our team is reliable. Also, performance and safety come engineered into every part used by INFINITI. Each component goes through the rigors of testing. They must sustain themselves to qualify as operable on your INFINITI. Quality is never compromised. Our factory engineers approve our parts. They have come designed to work and last according to the design of your vehicle. You can trust us with your car, come by, and experience our signature INFINITI service.

INFINITI offers a variety of protection plans. One of which includes one option of three protection programs. Therefore, you can rest well, knowing that your vehicle is under our care at all times. Under the INFINITI Next Level Lease Protection plan, there is little to no concern while leasing our cars in the latest lineup. The Next Level Lease Protection package comes designed for our lease operators to minimize the impact of any out-pocket expenses associated with the automobile's day-to-day operation. Also, the INFINITI Protection Plan broadens your automobile's coverage along with including 24-hour Roadside Assistance. Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle. As a result, our Oil Change Plan will keep your engine running like new and your parts prime for longevity. We also offer a choice of wear and tear protections with our Lease-End Protection plan or the Tire & Rim, Dent, Key Appearance Protection, in addition to other warranties. Our Infinity financing options are "second to none," so see which option fits you best.

Our Snug Kids Child Safety Seat Fit Guides permit parents to protect their little during travel by providing child restraints and measurements compatible with the automobile of choice. Some of the in-car technology includes INFINITI In-Touch. The program consists of color navigation during travel and controlling the touchscreen by either touch or voice. Also, Intelligent Key is available in which INFINITI recognize you upon approach. Adaptive climate control is available too. It will adjust the cabin's temperature based on the outside temperature and car speed while driving. Further, there is a myriad of accessories to customize your INFINITI. Roof rails can come as an option, added along with cabin accessories to enhance the passenger experience.

Woodchester authorized INFINITI is in Mississauga, Ontario. INFINITI Owners in the surrounding area can depend on our sales team, customer service, and maintenance staff. Our INFINITI Inventory is awaiting you. Contact us at our INFINITI Financing Center so that we can assist you with getting you preapproved. We want nobody to walk away from our authorized dealership INFINITI free. We have all of the new and used inventory that will meet your luxury needs. Stop by today.