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Dealership hours of operation
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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm
Sat - Sun Closed
Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Thu 9 am - 8 pm
Fri - Sat 9 am - 5 pm
Sun Closed
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Woodchester INFINITI

INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Program

Infiniti Vehicle Purchase Program - Woodchester Infiniti


The INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Program enables you to purchase a new INFINITI vehicle at a pre-negotiated invoice-based price, regardless of which retailer you work with.
To obtain your VPP Claim ID, select a profile below to begin the registration process, take the claim ID to the Sales Manager at a retailer of your choice, and select the vehicle you want.
You'll enjoy VIP treatment throughout the purchase process - and drive home in a beautiful new INFINITI!
Note: Program participants must reside in Canada. Consumers and Retailers in the United States should visit

How To Use Your VPP Claim ID

  • Visit your preferred INFINITI Retailer
  • When you arrive, let the Retailer Sales Manager know that you are a VPP customer
  • Select a vehicle for a test drive
  • Present your Claim ID and Driver's License along with one of the following:
  1. Current Paycheck Stub ($ amounts may be marked through)
  2. Business Card
  3. Company Issued Photo ID
  • After choosing your vehicle, please review and sign the INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Program Claim Form

Please Note

  • VPP Prices are pre-negotiated and based on invoice
  • Trade-in and financing are negotiable
  • Documentation fees may vary by retailer
  • Claim Codes expire within 90 days of activation